I truly believe there is no photograph more beautiful than that of someone in love. I love telling stories not only through my work but also through a short conversation with someone. My blog is a way to create a unique story in an organic way for viewers to relive their best moments all over again.

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May 7, 2019

Beacon Hill Boston Engagement

BAM! Wedding and engagement season is here can you believe it?! It feels like just yesterday I was ending my season being 8.5 months pregnant and now I have a 5month old who’s taking in solids like a champ and were getting ready for the “craziness” to begin. I’m ready to hit the road running with weddings, engagements and everything else that falls in between!

I got to spend my Easter afternoon with Jess and Billy. These two have been high-school sweethearts since 2011. Since then they’ve have taken family vacations together, traveled to many cities, created memories and had  wonderful experiences they’ll always remember. Jess and Billy moved to South Carolina in 2016 and a year later Billy booked a sunset boat ride and got down on one knee. It was an incredible night filled with love, laughs and a lot of champagne. The two of them moved back to Boston in 2018 and will be getting married this fall. I can’t wait to document their wedding day and pop some more bubbles to celebrate!

Congrats to you both!!

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