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I truly believe there is no photograph more beautiful than that of someone in love.


First off, thank YOU so much for stopping by! I’m Alisha, German born, Maine raised and currently a resident of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer with a passion for capturing love, laughter and sometimes a few tears along the way.

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I started to look at photography as a passion when I realized I was able to create something truly meaningful for the people I photograph. I'm blessed to be able to capture a moment for someone and see their faces light up. I want to create memories for people to share with one another. My top priority is to establish a connection with every person I photograph. I’m a huge people person! I want you to see me as a long time friend. I’m your right hand woman, your trusted confidant, your support system

for this special day. I don’t crack under pressure and I try to make every session different, intimate, and unique to the client. I read my clients and go from there. I'm a very motion driven person behind the camera. There is no picture more beautiful than one of someone in love. I use my skills to capture specifically that – the emotion, the moment, and the connection with each person I photograph. I want to photograph couples who are in love with each other and are just as excited about photographing their day as I am!

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