Helping photographers gain their time back and joy while focusing on their business and goals.

As your private photo editor, my promise to you...

No more long nights editing, criticizing your work and feeling burnt out!

You’ll gain trust and confidence in me and get back those long day/nights you starred at a computer screen criticizing your edits.

For photographers

My Approach

I'm Alisha, a portrait and wedding photographer in Boston, and private photo editor. I understand how frustrating sitting at a computer and editing your work can be. I've been a private photo editor for 5 years working with a wide range of different presets for both digital and hybrid photographers. I understand the importance learning and implementing your unique editing techniques so you can continue to deliver galleries that reflect your brand and style. 

My Philosophy

I have a passion for serving professionals that tell a story in their work, are as passionate as photography as I am and of course TRUST me as your private photo editor. Working together we will have a trusting and fun relationship together! I will edit and deliver images that perfectly match your band and editing style. I will be the support and friend you need during the busy or low times throughout the year!

Let's get started

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer so I know first hand how much work goes into documenting events. I also know that time is precious and while editing doesn’t come natural to others, it comes natural for me. I'm able to create a seamless workflow and quick turnaround in as little as 3 days.

Say goodbye to those long hours dreading the edits and gain the love back for your business and personal goals. If you’re on the losing your sanity or in need of an editor, I’m your girl! I can promise you that when you receive your catalogs back you will not be disappointed. Your clients will be thrilled with speedy delivery!

I want you to gain your time back and trust me as your private photo editor! 

Why work with me?

Kind words

Kind Words

"Having Alisha on my team as a skilled photographer for numerous seasons was a great way to leeway into incorporating her editing skills into my workflow in the busier months. She was familiar with my style and was easily able to adjust any preset to my images to make them look as close to my own editing style as possible. She truly cares about her clients and will go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied with her work. Being a photographer herself offers her an edge over editors who might not fully understand the craft and I'm so thankful to have her valuable editing skills, and quick turn around times as a reliable resource when I need to hand off some of my work."


"Not only have I been lucky enough to have Alisha second shoot for me over the last few seasons but I have been lucky enough for her to take over my editing. For me editing isn't something that comes natural. I would sit there and look at the same photo for twenty minutes trying to figure out if I liked A better or B better. When I relinquished my control over to Alisha I felt like I got my life back. She was sending back work that was so much better than I was producing. I would send her about 20 sample edits and she would send back the entire gallery that put those 20 sample edits to shame. I am so lucky that she agreed to take over my editing. There has only been one wedding out of TONS that wasnt spot on. I brought it to her attention and it fixed and re-edited by the next day. Now that editing is off my plate I have more time to shoot, email, build timelines, meet with clients aaaaaand get to the gym 😉"

-   Molly Anne Photography

"I can’t say enough about Alisha, she has gone above and beyond helping me meet deadlines and obtaining my style of editing throughout each gallery. I look forward to working with her in the future and highly recommend!"


Weddings & Portraits

Film matching, color correction, cropping and straightening or your personalized preset applied. I’m all about making a great first impression and meeting over the phone or video before I begin working is preferred. This is where we will get on the same page for how you edit and I will get a better understanding of your style. All photographer notes will be kept so I ensure the perfect gallery is delivered back to you.

My price per image to edit is $.40. Single culling is offered and cull + edit is available. Please ask for further information. 5-7 business day turnaround.


Please fill out the contact form to schedule a call to talk how I can simplify your life.