Tips for the couple: fall engagement photos

October 1, 2020

Fall is a gorgeous season for engagement photos, especially in New England. Here are some tips for taking fall engagement photos from outfit tips to location ideas!

Wear layers & dress in warm clothing

Layers create the most flattering look for fall engagement photos and conveniently, it’s cool enough to bundle up. Plus, you can shed a few layers if the sun comes out, creating multiple looks with one outfit.

In addition, boots, chunky sweaters and any fall clothing are highly recommended! By dressing for the season, you’ll find that you’re actually following most photographers’ recommendations to wear neutral colors and layers. Fall just happens to make your outfit choices that much easier. Would you wear it to the pumpkin patch or to a winery date night? Then it should be perfect for your engagement photos!

Recommended engagement outfits

For women

  • Jeans and a beige top
  • A chunky sweater with boots
  • A long, flowy dress

For men

  • A pull-over sweater with jeans
  • Chinos with a button-down shirt
  • Slacks and a patterned button-down shirt with a tie
  • Khakis with a blazer

Embrace the excuse to cuddle up

Fall makes the whole cuddling in front of a photographer thing so much more natural! You’re cold, so you may as well hold hands and stick close to one another. Embrace the excuse and let your loving side show.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors

Although fall is best for neutral colors, a pop of color can be a beautiful choice. Just look at this cute couple below! Their bright clothing adds an inviting contrast to the streets of Boston.

Choose a location that means something to you

It could be the steps of your front porch (like below), the setting where he proposed or the fields you hike through on the weekends.

Taking photos in a familiar, important location will put you at ease and make the photo session that much more memorable.

Fall engagement photos on a front porch with a pumpkin

Clean your engagement ring!

It’s an engagement shoot after all! Clean your ring so it’s ready for the camera. You’ll get shots like this with your ring sparkling!

Pick a location with pretty trees and tall grass

Your location will add a unique backdrop to your photos. I encourage parks with pretty trees (hello fall foliage) or fields with tall grass. It creates a warm, inviting background.

A couple smiles during their fall engagement photos

Create movement or do something together

This is likely your first time working with a professional photographer, but it’s not all posing and smiling!

Doing something together, like just taking a walk during your session will ease your nerves and create the sweetest photos too! Engagement photos with movement add a sense of luxury and comfort.

Other ideas for activities include having a picnic, grabbing pumpkin spice donuts or exploring the beach.

Your engagement session shouldn’t be a photoshoot, it should be a time you spend intimately together, by chance with a photographer there to capture the charming nuances of your relationship.

A couple takes fall engagement photos walking through Boston
A couple poses by the ocean for their fall engagement photos

Preparing for your engagement photos?

I’d love to help you customize your photoshoot. Get in touch here.

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