Bringing Home Lukas

January 3, 2019

I truly never knew what the definition of “love” was until I gave brith to my first son Lukas. They say everything in life changes so quickly so take in the moment as it comes. My pregnancy came easy for me with the occasional issues but nothing Iv’e heard what some mom’s have gone through. I thought to myself every night while I laid in bed who will this little guy look like?

Just when I thought everything was coming easy for me there was the thing I had been afraid and thinking of for 9 months birth! I labored a total of 14 hours pushing for 2 hours (which for some new moms this wasn’t long at all) then we were soon welcomed with our sweet Lukas! In that moment of time I realized what everyone really meant about meeting your first born child is the most remarkable thing that could happen to you. My love for this little guy grows more and more everyday, he’s shown me how to stay patient even at the hardest times, laugh at the small things and love unconditionally. One month has flown by so It’s important for me to document every moment and teach Lukas the importance of photography and capturing real moments. I was able to capture some first moments of Lukas and our friends over at Lovely Valentine came over to captured us as a family!


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