Welcoming Baby Connor

December 27, 2018

I love weddings and engagements but nothing beats photographing a newborn just 2 weeks right before the holidays. Lizzie and her husband Steve welcomed me into their home to photograph Connor last week, While Lizzie and I were pregnant at the same time It was such a fun experience to share similar stories about what was working and not working with us during this journey. Same goes for our newborns It’s been a real pleasure being able to talk to someone going through the same thing when your lost or just need some advice because when your a new mom you feel nervous, everything seems like the baby is “hurt” when he’s not and your in full survival mode. Connor was the sweetest ever and better yet he had SO MUCH hair! These three made the session pretty easy and fun at that! 🙂

Lizzie own a fantastic bakery and her baked goods are beyond amazing she does everything right in her kitchen at home she’s so talented! go check her out at Lizzies Bakery


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