I truly believe there is no photograph more beautiful than that of someone in love. I love telling stories not only through my work but also through a short conversation with someone. My blog is a way to create a unique story in an organic way for viewers to relive their best moments all over again.

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June 12, 2018

Castor | Lifestyle Newborn Session

I had the pleasure of photographing Gabby and Mike’s newest addition Castor over Memorial Day weekend at their home in Dorchester. Castor decided to come a couple days late, but man was he so cute! Castor’s name comes from a star constellation. Castor William means shining resolute protector but, Castor and Pollux are two twins in the Gemini constellation. Gabby was born under Pollux and Castor was 1 day away from being a Gemini, but Castor constellation is still in the sky. When Gabby and Mike told me the amazing meaning behind the name I was in total awe! I love unique names with an awesome story behind it. Towards the end of the session we even got to add in the furry boys for a couple of photos too!

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