I truly believe there is no photograph more beautiful than that of someone in love. I love telling stories not only through my work but also through a short conversation with someone. My blog is a way to create a unique story in an organic way for viewers to relive their best moments all over again.

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March 13, 2018

Zinnia Rae | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Boston, MA

WOW this is my first blog post, EVER! I hope you gush over this sweet girl, and of course her parents too. If you know me you know sitting down typing up a long story isn’t my thing. So, as I type words and erase them too many times to count, I’m keeping it short and simple. These three don’t need much explaining other than that their family is SO ADORABLE and I’m totally obsessed !!! Enjoy

Amber and I have been friends for over a year now and let me tell you, its been one heck of a year in so many awesome ways! On February 20th Zinnia Rae was welcomed into the world she is SO STINKIN CUTE !!! . I had the pleasure of meeting her when she was only a day old at the hospital, then got to capture some of her first moments at home. Just 2 weeks old and Zinnia is already stopping people in their tracks with her adorable looks… boys watch out!

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